WawaGoose – Meeting at Fort Friendship

Come along on this inaugural flight, as WawaGoose lifts off. Join us as Annie the Owl, Jack the Bear and Captain C. Gull make their debut. Read about Clarence the Crow, Henri L’Orignal, Jacques LeLoup and Mabou too. You won’t be disappointed.

Illustrated by Denis Proulx

Written at a grade 6 or higher reading level, this story will be enjoyed by all ages, from the very young to the very old.

Maggie Doodle “Loony Loons & Crazy Critters”

Join Maggie Doodle as she meets some loony loons at Wawa Lake.  Read and laugh along as they dream up some really crazy critters.

Illustrated by Denis Proulx

In The Heart of Canada – The Story of Wawa

History told with humour best describes In The Heart of Canada – The Story of Wawa.  Laugh along with WawaGoose, Annie the Owl, Horace, Vanity and others as they find out what makes Wawa so unique and special in Canada.  This third book in the WawaGoose series takes you around town and through time.  Along the way, you might just find out how Cap’n C. Gull lost his leg.

Illustrated by Darlene Jordan Pfaff